Dutch Course for Foreigners  

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Dutch Course for Foreigners
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  • Available in 27 languages
  • Includes pronunciation exercises
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Dutch as second language? Follow the course Dutch for foreigners

Is Dutch not your native language, but would you like to speak this language well? Would you like to improve your Dutch vocabulary knowledge very quickly, as well as your pronunciation? Would you like to study Dutch for Foreigners from wherever you like (abroad is no problem)? Enroll in the course Dutch for Foreigners at NHA.

Learning Dutch 

Dutch for Foreigners is perfect for people who would like to improve their knowledge of this language. The focus is on active and practical use of the Dutch language, and less on grammar. You’ll learn Dutch the way you learned your mother tongue: step by step. In order to successfully finish this course, some knowledge of the Dutch language is desired. 

Available in 27 languages

Dutch for Foreigners is available in the following languages: English, Turkish, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Bulgarian, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Luthuanian, Persian (Farsi), Serbian, Tigrinya, Czech, Vietnamese and Swedish.

TIP: Don’t live in The Netherlands (yet)? No worries, you can also enroll in Dutch for Foreigners from abroad. We will send the study materials to your address and you can visit the online student Plaza for information as well.

Get familiar with daily situations

The high-quality and practical study materials make sure you will learn the Dutch language very quickly. The curriculum consists of a wide variety of example sentences, lots of fill-in exercises and many pronunciation exercises. Your Dutch skills will improve vastly due to the smart structure of the course.

After following the course Dutch for Foreigners, you will be able to speak, listen, write and read in the Dutch language. The A2 level (NT2) that you will achieve, also suits the integration rules.

Thousands of Dutch for Foreigners students already followed this course

Many students from all around the world have already finished this course successfully. For some of them as a part of their integration process, for some it’s just a way to improve their Dutch. Are you interested in a high-quality Dutch for Foreigners course? Enroll today!


The Study Guide of Dutch for Foreigners

The Dutch Course for Foreigners consists of:

  • A course book with practical texts about Dutch situations. No difficult terms, many example sentences are used. All texts from this course book can also be listened to online.
  • digital learning environment where plenty of fill-inanswer the questions and translate the words exercises are used. Extra easy to practice with Cloze Texts: You have to fill in the missing words in the text.
  • Glossaries in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, German, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, Tigrinya, Czech, Turkish, Vietnamese and Swedish. If you are not going to use a computer to follow this course, you can use the free glossaries.
  • Sound recordings: you can listen to words and texts from the course book. With one click, you can get the translations in all above-mentioned languages. A perfect supplement for this course book.
  • Exercises: let your pronunciations be checked.
  • Instructions for homework (as far as possible in your native language): in which it is explained how you can do your homework and submit/send it to your teacher.


Dit zijn specifieke reviews over Dutch Course for Foreigners, afkomstig van het onafhankelijke reviewplatform eKomi.

Dutch for Foreigners

Hele duidelijke uitleg, goede uitleg van de leraren op mijn vragen

Dutch for Foreigners

Ik hou van de cursus en het gemak van het gebruik van de virtuele omgeving, het materiaal is goed en begrijpelijk. Ik zou graag willen dat ik op zijn minst een privéles met mijn leraar online zou kunnen hebben natuurlijk, maar zelfs als we 1 uur contact hebben en over de voortgang praten

Dutch for Foreigners

Ik geniet echt van de leermethode

Dutch for Foreigners

de lessen zijn prima, maar je hebt online docenten nodig om de taal te kunnen oefenen


Diploma or certificate Dutch for Foreigners

The course Dutch for Foreigners is at NT2 level. During this course, you will develop your skills to an A2 level. With plenty of practice, you can improve your skills to a B1 level, and apply for the official NT2 exam. You can request a certificate if you submit all your homework and when you have an average score of 5.5 or higher.

Previous education

Some knowledge of the Dutch language is desired for successful completion of this course.

About NHA and the recognition by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science 

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has recognized NHA as a trainer on the basis of the Official Recognized Educational Institute (WEO) for secondary education. 


How you study

Study at your own tempo – wherever you want

You determine where, when and how to study. And you can always determine your own tempo. That is why it is excellent to combine this course with your busy job or your hobbies. You can start with this course on each day of a year. 

Flexibility: You receive the lessons printed and digital

You receive the complete course package in a luxury ring-binder at home per post. In most cases you can also find the course package in the digital learning environment Plaza. So you can always study the way that suits you the best.

Personal assistance

Thanks to the personal guidance of our expert teachers, you are not alone. At the end of each lesson you can send your homework assignments to your teacher, who will reply you soon. Your homework will be corrected, provided with advice, explanations and a mark. Your possible questions will be answered. You can use this personal study guidance for 3 years for all NHA courses. This is a unique service in the Netherlands.

When you start with this course, your personal teacher will introduce him/herself.

Direct contact with Study mates

All NHA-students can sign up to our Digital Learning Environment. In this platform you can contact other students who follow the same course. In this case you can study together, exchange experiences and maybe meet each other. This makes studying extra fun!

Advantages of our Digital Learning Environment Plaza

  • Have a close look at the study guide
  • Study the lessons
  • Watch the video(s) and listen to exercises
  • Send your homework and possible questions to your teacher
  • Activate your digital coach to encourage you
  • A clear overview of homework marks and exam results
  • Visit the Media library for essential downloads
  • Contact study mates who follow the same study 



Course length

The duration of Study

It takes about nine months at an average study rate of four hours a week. You can also study more lessons per month. Of course, this shortens the duration of your study. You determine your own tempo.


Call us: (077) 306 70 00 or send us an e-mail.


Tuition fee

Dutch for Foreigners
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Met hulp ?Huiswerkcontrole door jouw persoonlijke vakdocent, mogelijkheid tot het stellen van vragen over de lesstof, bij een huiswerkscore van een voldoende of hoger de mogelijkheid tot het aanvragen van een getuigschrift. Uniek bij NHA: je krijgt 3 jaar lang begeleiding!
of  9x 39,00
Schrijf je in
15 dagen gratis proberen

Ask your employer to support your study!

Do not hesitate to ask your employer to support your study financially. A lot of employers have Personal Development Budgets available to encourage their employees to work on self development. Your employer also benefits from the study you enroll in. You will develop yourself and learn to better utilize your talents. Furthermore you will study in your own time. Discuss the possibilities with your manager or HR-officer.

Another plus for your employer: NHA is recognized by Cedeo. This important quality mark in the HR field proves the quality of our courses.  

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Hele duidelijke uitleg, goede uitleg van de leraren op mijn vragen

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